If the Tango Electric Car is
Good Enough for George....

Did you know the gorgeous George (Clooney of course!) drives a Tango electric car...…I'm in love with it already!

Here is Georgie leaning nonchalantly against his lean green driving machine...aren't they well matched!

This lovely electric car handles like a Porsche because of its low center of gravity. It's also speedy like a Porsche, going from zero to sixty in 4 seconds. Its manufacturers call it "the fastest urban car in the world".

The great thing about the Tango is its sleek design. You have many of the advantages of a motorbike, without the drawbacks---the dangers of motorbike travel, getting wet, having to wear strange-looking gear and always having a bad hair day! (You can see where I'm coming from. A motorbike would be the most pragmatic way for most of us to travel, but there are other considerations too!)

If congestion and parking are difficult issues for you, as they are where I live, then a Tango will have you smiling as you split-lanes (where legal) to pass out normal-width cars and slip into tiny parking spaces they could never consider. You can even park at right angles to the curb, in between other parallel parked cars! Its compact length is designed for exactly that purpose. In fact, the Tango will even fit into many motorbike spaces. (It is 39" wide and 8'5" long, to be exact.)

Like a motorbike, your passenger sits behind you. There is still space enough for a few bags of groceries, if you want to do a quick shop on the way home. You can also remove the back seat to make for more storage space.

If the Tango electric car is the Size Zero of cars, it still carries two passengers comfortably and performs well. It also has a race-car roll-cage frame that provides good safety protection.

The Tango has a possible 80-mile-range and can recharge to 80% in only ten minutes with a special outlet. At home, you can plug it into a dryer outlet and it will take three hours to recharge. It comes with options for either lead-acid batteries or lithium ion. NiMH batteries are being developed for future models.

The Tango has been licensed for manufacture all over the world and is set to revolutionize urban driving in the coming years.

Until recently, drivers liked big cars as a prestige symbols---the bigger the better. But the backlash against this silliness has begun, because big isn't that sexy when you're stuck in a traffic line watching bikes, motorbikes and sleek electric cars sail on by! Not to mention the cost of fuelling a large car and the difficulty getting a parking space! Smart commuters still think that size matters---but from now on, small is the size that's best!

The Tango electric car isn't yet being mass-produced, so you have to place an order and a deposit with the manufacturers, The Commuter Cars Corporation of Spokane, WA.(for U.S.) The company is actively seeking investment to get these cars into mass-production, and with the new recognition from investors of the "green dollar", I reckon, they'll soon be queuing up to put their money into a great car like the Tango.

At the moment there are three Tango electric car models available:

  • Tango T200 Price: $18,700 plus $500 deposit (available by order)
  • Tango T100 Price: ($18,700 plus $500 deposit (available by order)
  • Luxury Tango T600 Price: ($108,000 plus $10,000 deposit (comes as almost assembled kit which buyer has to complete)

George bought the luxury Tango T600. I wonder did he assemble his own?

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