The Sparrow Electric Car
aka The NmG

Is it a bike? Is it a car? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Actually, the fabulous Sparrow electric car defies categorisation.

Is it a bike? It's classed as a bike, officially, because it's so slim, and carries one person only. Easy parking. Lower tax. Great fuel efficiency.

Is it a car? It's fully enclosed. So it's more like a car than a bike. Warm and dry and comfortable! You can play your CDs and listen to the radio! No motorcycle hair! And it does 75 miles per hour. So it is legal on the highway, just like a car and unlike many bigger NEVs.

Is it a bird? Some folks might think it's a bird, because its nickname is The Sparrow! That was its original trade name before Myers Motors bought the Sparrow Company that developed it. People still like to call it that!

Is it a plane?
Not yet!

(Okay, if you need a short, boring description, you could call it a "personal electric vehicle".)

However, because I love it so much and because of its uniqueness, I'm making it an honorary car, and that's why it is here, in the car section!

The Car with a Personality

The Sparrow electric car must be the most huggable car since Herbie!

Whenever I see a Sparrow electric car, I can't help smiling. I almost expect it to wink back at me, they're so friendly looking. NmG drivers get a lot of people like me smiling at them when they are out on the roads. Their little cartoon like cars seem to make people happy !

The other reaction NmG drivers get is lots of questions! Other people are curious about going electric. When you drive electric, just by doing so, you become an educator---your presence on the road lets other people know there are great alternatives to gas cars. They see you in yours----living proof that these things exist and they work and regular commuters, like you, can use them to get to work in.

Arrive to a dinner party in a Sparrow electric car and you'll never be short of conversation! I've been at a couple of dinner parties where it was the only topic of conversation when guests arrived in their brightly-coloured machines. I've even witnessed it work as a babe magnet! Absolutely. Gurrls luv this car!

Actually, driving a cute electric car, like the NmG, will make you something of a celebrity in your locality. People will know you as the person who is environmentally aware, is ahead of the herd, a pioneer, and not afraid to be different. It's a great way to build your personal brand-of-one if you are in any kind of business. Slap your logo on the side and your electric car will have paid for itself with free advertising in no time! Imagine, all those warm, friendly smiling glances going towards your business name!

The NmG is made and sold by Myers Motors in Ohio. NmG stands for No More Gas. It's a single-occupancy car, with room to stash your groceries in the boot. Because only you can fit in it, you can always use the car-pool lane because your car is always full!

I know people with NmGs who have cut an hour off their commutes, sailing past big, wide cars with one driver and three empty passenger seats. That's giving people two hours extra per day to spend with their kids, cook a nice dinner, and sleep in some more in the mornings! Who'd say No to that?

The Sparrow electric car is a three-wheeler and officially qualifies as a motorcycle in the US. It has two front wheels and one rear wheel. In most States, a normal driver's license is acceptable for driving the NmG. In some States you may need to take a motorcycle test. But you can take the test in your car. No need to get the leathers on and try to ride a two-wheeler! It's just officialdom hasn't yet caught up with the innovative world of EVs and doesn't quite know what to make of them! Check before you buy, so you'll know if you'll have to re-sit your driving test.

The NmG is powered by sealed lead-acid batteries. A complete recharge takes 6 to 8 hours from a normal household circuit (110/120volts. A 220 volt circuit will recharge the NmG in only 45 minutes with a dedicated charger unit!

Myers Motors have now developed a lithium ion battery, which will provide a longer driving range and longer battery life. This option is now available at a special price for the first people in each state to buy it.

The fuel cost for an NmG is $20 per 1000 miles. Beat that!

At $30,000 the NmG is very good value, considering its speed and versatility.

The Myers Motors service workshop is in Tallmadge, Ohio. If you are not within range of this, they will arrange for a mechanic in your district to carry out any warranty repairs.

Test driving is available at Cleveland Ohio.

Cars can be ordered with a $10,000 deposit and will be shipped to you approximately three months after your order.

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