The Reva Electric Car

(also known as the G-Wiz in Britain)

In 1994, the REVA Electric Car Company, based in Bangalore India, was set up as a joint-venture, American/Indian business.

The company spent seven years on research and development and in 2001, the first commercially-produced REVAs began rolling off the conveyor belts.

The REVAi is now available in India, Britain, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Spain. It can also be exported to the U.S. if a speed-limiter has been installed, for use as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV).

reva electric car

One of the patterned options available for the Reva G-Wiz in Britain.

My British readers can buy the REVA electric car under the name G-Wiz, direct from the distributer, Goingreen. They have a great selection of colours, including plain colours, if you don't fancy making a design statement like the above!

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