New Electric Car Technology

New electric car technology is now being developed in earnest, after several false starts. The electric vehicles we have at the moment are being refined and improved at a very fast pace, now that the market for them is being allowed to develop.

The future is bright with exciting developments coming onstream. Okay, so we made a lot of bad decisions regarding the electric car along the way. But we are where we are, and hey, we have a chance to go electric now, because finally people are waking up to the truth about oil. It's too costly. In terms of price and in terms of the wars we have to fight to secure it. It's too scarce to be wasting in cars. It's too polluting. And our climate is changing too fast for anyone to feel they can scoff at the notion of global warming anymore.

After a false start in the Nineties, the cool electric car is about to make its real comeback at a road near you….or maybe in your own driveway!

The Tesla roadster is on sale in America and Europe (if you've got the bucks of course and it don't come cheap!) But for the rest of us, there is great news….

Other electric vehicle start-up companies have been formed to meet the rising demand for electric cars.

In the U.S. there is Commuter Cars, Tesla Motors, Ronaele Incorporated, Aptera Motors, Miles Electric Vehicles, Myers Motors and Phoenix Motorcars.

The Think City car is now being made in Norway and will soon be more widely available in Europe and the U.S.

In 2001 the Indians put the electric REVA on the market and it is now available in several European countries.

The really big global brands such as Toyota, Daimler, Renault and even General Motors, are now developing their own new generation of electric cars.

Mitsubishi and Peugeot Citroen are collaborating on developing electric car technology.

Nissan have also announced that it is developing an electric car.

In Spain and Portugal the Mobi-Green Car is being developed as a joint venture between the two countries using state and private funds. It is hoped that the manufacture of the home-grown green car will create many jobs and replace the Iberian Penninsula's failing motor industry.

And this is only the beginning….

….let's hope these babies don't end up in the breaker's yard like the last lot!

The Latest in New Electric Car Technology

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They're clean! They're green!
They're the wonderful electric car machines!