Green Investing

Green investing is an idea whose time has well and truly come. Given the state of our dear planet-in-distress, the only ethical stocks and shares are ones that are genuinely green.

The idea of ethical investing has been around for while---as the poor relation of the financial world. However, canny investors are now realizing that green stocks are hot and are set to get even hotter in the coming decades. The green dollar is alive and well and looking very robust at the moment.

Oil-interests dominated most of the 20th Century because of the power of dividend-rich oil-industry share-holders.

But ethical stocks and renewable energy technologies are growing in profitability and will produce some very wealthy share-holders in years to come. The great thing is that now we can profit, just like any other investor, by going green.

But first a word of caution about so-called Ethical, or Green funds, from our friend who is depending on us to get it right....

"Not all of these funds are what they appear to be.
Beware of the Greenwash!"

She is right! There is a lot of greenwash around at the moment, in the financial markets as well as everywhere else. I prefer to choose my own individual stocks, rather than hand over the choosing to a fund manager or broker selling me a financial product that is labelled green.

If you have your money invested in any general, managed 'Green' fund, do check any investments you may own and ask probing questions of your fund manager.

I believe now is a very good time to get into renewable energy investing. Even if oil comes down in price temporarily, it will never become cheap again. Most experts estimate that we have, at most, thirty more years before oil becomes severely depleted. With the development of China and India and the increasing world population, we may be out of oil before thirty years.

I have listed below, some stocks in the renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors, that you might like to check out with your broker. I am not necessarily endorsing any, or all, of these stocks because I have not studied all of them in detail. I like green investing myself, but I'm no financial expert. I just work on my gut instinct. So, don't take my advice. Get professional, financial advice if you need it and remember, stocks can always go down as well as up! And always carry out your own due diligence, on both the green-ness of a stock and its value as an investment.

It might be a good idea to start following the ups and downs of these stocks on the financial pages for a while before investing. This will give you a feel for what is happening in the markets and help you become familiar with this world.

The stock exchange can be part of the better, greener world we want to create. To do this, we need to learn about this world and not just leave it to the Black Hats and Wall Street Sharks! We need to claim our part of it, to influence business to be more green and to support those companies who are going green.

Companies Developing Electric Cars

  • Ford Motor Company

  • Honda Motor Co.

  • Zap

  • Zenn Motor Company

  • Toyota MTK CP ADS

Electricity and Parts for Electric Cars

  • General Electric

  • Altair Nanotechnologies Inc

  • Hybrid Technologies

  • American Superconductor Corporation

  • Plug Power Inc.

  • Air Products and Amp Chemicals Inc.

  • Baldor Electrical Co.

  • Valence Tech Inc.

  • Ultralife Corporation

  • Ballard Power Systems Inc.

  • Electrovaya Inc.

  • Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc.

  • Lithium Tech CP New

Renewable Energy Technology

  • Evergreen Solar

  • First Solar Inc.

  • Renegy Holdings Inc.

  • Sunpower Corporation

  • Sustainable Energy Technologies

  • Suntech Power Holdings

  • Energy Conv Device

Green Investing News

Below you will find links to up to date news stories about green investing. I don't vet or approve the stories that appear here as they are automatically updated, so they may or may not reflect my views. And always check the veracity of any financial information you read before investing! These links will open a new window in your browser.


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