Golf Cart Batteries

You will probably want to learn a little bit about golf cart batteries if you are converting your own electric car, or buying an EV.

The most common types that people use are 6 volt or 8 volt, conventional lead-acid batteries. These are reliable, affordable and very easy to source.

Again, I issue my stock warning to buyers----in general you get what you pay for. There are some cheap battery brands that I'm afraid are cheap and nasty and you will not get good value from them.

Working out how well a battery will perform and how long it will last is a complicated business. Batteries that might appear to be equally good, according to their specifications, may not turn out to be the same over time.

(Why so? Well, just for the curious minds amongst you, here's the reason, if you insist! Specifications won't predict how your battery is going to perform over time. You would need to apply Peukert's Formula to get an accurate answer to that.

T = C/I to the power of n

T is Time
C is Capacity
I is Current
n is the 'Peukert Number' of the battery

Personally I think life's too short---just go for the tried and trusted brands, it's easier!)

The two most reliable battery brands are Trojan and U.S. Battery.

6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

The advantages of 6 volts are:

  • they have a longer lifetime

  • they have a longer range

The disadvantages are:

  • They are a bit more expensive

  • They are heavier.

Some popular examples of these 6 volt batteries are:

  • Trojan T-105 (can be used with various terminals including L-posts.)
  • Trojan T-125
  • the U.S.-125 (suitable for L-post terminals and DC systems.)
  • U.S.-2200

8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

8 Volts have the following advantages:

  • They are less expensive than 6 volts

  • They are a little bit lighter

The disadvantages are:

  • They have a shorter range

  • They have a shorter life

Some popular 8 volt batteries are:

  • Trojan T-875 (brand leader, but is not compatible with L-post terminals.)
  • T-860
  • U.S. Battery 8VgCE-XC
  • U.S. Battery 8VGC-XC

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