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The term electric scooter is a little confusing. It can apply to scooters you stand on, to little mopeds, to the cool scooters that Italians love. Between them all, there is a huge selection of makes and models to choose from, in all price ranges. See my handpicked selection here.

Electric scooters have a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. You can generally expect to achieve a range of 25-30 miles before recharging. But check the specifications carefully before buying.

Each category has specific legal definitions which determine registration, regulation and where you can drive them. These definitions vary from state to state and are subject to constant revision. Check locally for the laws in your state.

Mopeds have low wattage and power. These are probably suitable for people who don't wish to have to pedal, but whose journey is mainly on the flat and doesn't require speed.

Scooters proper, have higher power and speed. Some match that of a gas engine. These are still restricted to 30 miles per hour by law, but have more than enough power to provide great performance at that speed.

Scooter Buying Tips

Be wary of brands that have gone out of business, or are not very well established brands that may be about to go out of business. You will find it impossible to get spare parts. I'm afraid there is a high casualty rate amongst scooter manufacturers.

Be wary of Chinese/Asian manufactured cheap models. Usually you get what you pay for and if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Unfortunately, the technical information supplied with some of these products can be misleading, in terms of the power and performance you will get from your vehicle.

I believe it is always worth investing in as much power as you can afford (wattage and ampage.) Check carefully that you know what the terms mean before buying. You need the watt/amp hours number to be able to judge properly and compare between different models. But even that may not give you an accurate comparison. Going with a reliable, well-established brand is the best option.

The better your bike is powered, the nicer your journey will be. You don't want to be trying to get to work on a sewing machine do you? Go for the highest ampage (per hour) battery you can afford and the highest sustained output from the motor.

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