Electric Cars for Sale

Manufactured electric cars are on the verge of going mainstream. However, it is still not as simple of going down to your local car dealer and asking,

Hey, any good deals in electric wheels?

Mostly, electric cars have to be ordered in advance from the manufacturers with payment of a deposit. They are not available through a wide network of dealerships like gas cars. That's because they are not yet mainstream and the early buyers, like you, are the trail-blazers leading the way! In a few years time, every savvy dealer will have a range of electric cars on the forecourt.

Below, you can find links to my articles about the different manufactured electric cars that are available now, or are about to come on stream.

The Tesla Electric Car : The one Leno likes.

The Tango --Clooney's car!

The Think Electric Car

reva electric car

The Reva electric car (G-Wiz in Britain)

The NmG Sparrow Electric Car


They're clean!They're green!
They're the wonderful electric car machines!