Molly and her Electric Bike

I have a dear friend called Molly who goes to work every day on an electric bike. Molly has always been as green as green could be. She was a Birkenstocks-gal before anyone had ever heard of that strange German shoe! And yes, she did eat a lot of brown rice and lentils.

My main memory of Molly at college was her arriving in to lectures straight off her "old-nelly" bike. You know the old-fashioned black ones with the basket that your great-grandmother might have used?

Then when Molly got her first job, she upgraded to a proper bike and got herself a helmet and some cycling clothes, so that she looked a little less like a vision from an old sepia photograph.

That was a good few years ago and we have all since grown up to be proper adults with respectable jobs and mortgages! Molly is no longer the spontaneous, bohemian drifter, but has been promoted to CEO of an important government agency. For a while, she was so busy the only time I ever got to see her was on the News when she was door-stepped for interviews.

Last time we had lunch she lamented that her cycling days were over, except for recreational cycling. "I just can't do the commute everyday anymore. I have to wear a business suit for God's sake, and be groomed-looking. Instead, I'm arriving hot and flustered with wild hair and needing a shower. And then, when I get home in the evenings, I'm exhausted after that wretched hill on Springhill Avenue….I'm going to have to succumb to getting a car."

She looked sheepish. For Molly this would be a huge lifestyle change.

"What about a scooter?" I asked.

"Nah! Not for me. If I'm not going to pedal, it's not the same. No exercise. May as well give up altogether and have a car. At least I could throw the shopping in the boot. I guess I have to accept I am approaching middle-age!"

"Hey, silly! You're nowhere near middle-aged! And even when you are middle-aged you still won't be middle-aged! Don't give up on who you are! What about an e-bike?"

"An electric bike?"

"Yeah. No more red-faced exhaustion….you'd still have the wind-blown hair of course. But then you wouldn't be you without that!" :)

"Don't know much about those. I've never been into machines. Maybe I'll look into it though. Can they be like a normal bike too?"

"Sure they can. You can pedal like a normal bike. And just turn on the electricity when you hit the hills."

So, last month, I got an email from Molly. "Thanks for the tip. Got the electric bike. Love the darling! Must be a sign I am getting old that I can't hack a real bike anymore, but what the heck. I'm still not old enough for a car!"

So, if you are a Peter Pan type, like Molly, I reckon you'd love an electric bike too---sailing along in the cycle lane, in your crisp business suit, and passing out all those cars in traffic jams. Molly bought the mountain bike on this page.

Or if you're still not "old enough" for a car, perhaps an

electric scooter would be just the ticket for you.

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